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Who was John Cage? Who is John Cage? As I decided to pull up a website about this figure, the question arises immediately. Unfortunately the answer is not that easy. And what did he do in Italy?

There are many good websites about John Cage illustrating and explaining his musical and visual work and a bunch of them are available in the links section of this site, so I would not add anything. On the contrary, I will only make matters worse (quoting John Cage's words).

However, since John Cage participated, arranged and organized special events in Italy, which marked people as well as the history of music and that are not well known enough both inside and outside this country, I decided to create this site. My very first idea consisted in presenting these specific episodes following a chronological order (for a list of John Cage's passages in Italy, see the chronology section) and then slowly cross-referencing them with other activities John Cage had already done or were about to happen shortly.

In order to enliven the site and make it more interactive, I decided to open a Blog area, where I would like anyone who wants to share his personal stories or anecdotes somehow related to these events, to join me. The target is to transform this place into a dynamic resource and meeting point for scholars and fans of the American composer. Any correction, addition, detail and critic is welcome in order to improve the site and to provide exact and as clear as possible information. Thanks.

I would like to thank all the people that supported my passion for Cage over the years. I hope to remember all of you: Cristina Berio, Nicolò Bongiorno, Gabriele Bonomo, Brian Brandt, Antonio Caggiano, Alessandro Carrera, Daniel Charles, Nicola Cisternino, Maurizio Comandini, Marco Di Castri, Stefano Giannotti, Gianni Gitti, Victoria Jordanova, Laura Kuhn, Margaret Leng Tan, Gianni Lenoci, Marco Lenzi, Renato Marengo, Luciano Martinengo, Franco Masotti, Roberto Masotti, Michele Porzio, Gianmaria Rizzardi, Veniero Rizzardi, Oderso Rubini, Lino Sturiale, Alfredo Tradardi, Luigi Turrino, Paul Van Emmerik.

Last, if someone wishes to know more about my personal research for Cage, you may click here.

Stefano Pocci